Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our eValuate forms scanning and processing system. Hopefully these will answer most of your questions but if you have any more complex questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


How soon do we need to get you involved?

As early as possible in the development of your evaluation forms processing procedures.  Our experience and advice at the beginning not only speeds up the setup but also reduces the chance of having to change your forms a number of months down the line. It is important to get it right first time by anticipating any issues or stumbling blocks.

Can you advise on form design?

It is always recommended that you make the form attractive and as easy as possible to complete. Use of your departmental logos, vibrant colours and simple tick boxes make your forms as approachable as possible. Constrained print boxes can be used to capture handwriting with open ended text boxes only used where the data being captured will be genuinely useful to your training analysis.  The aim is to minimise free text fields to make the data more accurate and measurable. Clear writing and directions along with good layout will reduce the likelihood of errors and extra administration later on.

Will we need to change our existing forms to work with eValuate?

Our system works best with forms designed for automated data capture. Features such as corner stones are used to help the system orientate the page properly.  A barcode or form number is used so that the system can identify the form type and fields such as constrained print boxes aid swift recognition.

However, eValuate does include an existing form templating system, to allow your existing forms to be captured.  This is useful if you already have a large investment in pre-printed stationery that can not be changed and re-printed.  Logos and text on the form are used for page identification and the fields are located automatically for data extraction.